About us



Founded in 1993, our mission is to accompany and support companies, mainly in traditional industrial sectors and high technology fields, in their effort to

  • Prepare claims to tax incentive programs such as SR&ED
  • Seek financial assistance and grants

We accompany leaders by supporting their efforts in seeking financial assistance, subsidies and tax incentives with personalized help and interventions that always respect the overall approach of the projects entrusted to us.  Through our interventions, your industrial and technological projects are brought to feasible financial solutions.

Our team of experts is composed of engineers with PhD, MSc. and MBA degrees in addition to many years of experience in the field.

Personalized approach

Our interventions are adapted to your reality. Understanding your operations allows us to target the tax incentives or funding programs you could benefit from.

Complete documentation

We offer all the necessary information and guidance to better equip our customers with enhanced internal documentation. Our supporting documents are complete and ready quickly.

Transparency and professionalism

Timeliness is a priority. Above all, we promote transparency and satisfaction of our customers in terms of quality of the deliverables at a fair price.