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Entête accueil Opt for a funding strategy fully adapted to your industrial and technological projects.

SR&ED Tax credits, E-Business and grants

Why do business with Provestech?

PROVESTECH EXPERTS-CONSEILS’ mission is to accompany companies and support their efforts in seeking financial assistance, grants and tax incentives such as SR&ED. Throughout our interventions, your industrial and technological projects are guided towards an optimal financial solution.

Personalized approach

Our interventions are adapted to your reality. Understanding your operations allows us to target the tax incentives or funding programs you could benefit from.

Complete documentation

We offer all the necessary information and guidance to better equip our customers with enhanced internal documentation. Our supporting documents are complete and ready quickly.

Transparency and professionalism

Timeliness is a priority. Above all, we promote transparency and satisfaction of our customers in terms of quality of the deliverables at a fair price.


Tax incentive program dedicated to Canadian companies from all sectors for their R&D activities.


Tax incentive program offered to businesses in the IT sector.


Several grants are available such as productivity grains, artificial intelligence, hiring, etc.


Multimedia titles, C3i, Design tax credit, etc., several possibilities are at your fingertips.


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