crédits impôts à la recherche, R&D


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  • We discuss the process of upgrading and analyzing your SR&ED documentation when the mandate begins. We implement different systems making sure that the documentation meets Canada Revenue Agency’s criteria while improving data gathering

  • Our specialists help you to draw up SR&ED contracts with subcontractors. Too many subcontractor expenses are rejected because of missing or incomplete contracts. Intellectual property and SR&ED work terms are essential to qualify the expenses.

  • SR&ED claimed salary or wages cannot only be justified by time sheets. We help you structure your development logbooks and tell you which documentary evidence you should keep (such as logbook, test results, time sheets) during trials and experiments.

  • SR&ED documentation must include technological objectives (or the hypothesis) and annotated results;

  • Claims have to be corroborated by facts so that the available SR&ED documentation can support the experimental work performed. We collect your data and make recommendations on how to highlight the strengths of your claim.

  • If the CRA requires SR&ED supporting evidence documentation, our specialists handle it, and ensure that your claim is dealt with fairly. .