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  • Our experts interview the personnel who are directly involved in the project to determine all of the facts that can help them build a solid claim. Each analysis is followed by a relevant recommendation based on case law and your documentary evidence.

  • We analyze every decision made by the Tax Court of Canada regarding SR&ED projects. Information is given to you through our recommendations;

  • SR&ED work must be supported by a research protocol that enables you to identify the technological obstacles. We can help you develop a « systematic approach at the beginning of your R&D project;

  • Understand how “support activities” in an R&D project increase the potential of your application for R&D tax credits. Our consultants offer a global analysis based on the definitions in various interpretation bulletins issued by the Canada Revenue Agency;

  • Understanding the difference between an experimental development in commercial production and experimental production is essential to properly justify your claim. Too often, engineering activity in the factory is under-estimated.