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Éligibilité et démarche systémique de RS & DE
  • In the context of “commercial production” our experts help you maximize SR&ED tax credits depending on the complexity of your projects.
Documentation technique pour RS & DE
  • Our technologists set up procedures for structured technical documentation.

structure de la documentation de projet rs & de
  • Our specialists help you to draw up proper SR&ED contracts with your subcontractors. Too many expenses are rejected because of unclearly identified intellectual property ownership or entirely missing contracts.
Analyse et recommendations pour maximiser votre crédit en recherche et développement
  • A project has to be established with clear hypotheses to demonstrate the complexity of eliminating technological obstacles. We make sure that you understand this ins and outs of a systematic approach at the beginning of a project.

Specialists in SR&ED tax credit claims since 1993

Conseillers en réclamation de crédits d'impôts RS & DE

Provestech’s team is made up of experienced experts in SR&ED tax credit claims.

We serve every industrial sector, thanks to our:

  • -Multidisciplinary skills
  • -More than 10 years of industry experience
  • -Ability to represent our clients with Revenue Canada auditors.

Our knowledge of the science as well as the tax situation enables our clients to maximize their SR&ED tax credit claim.

Contact us for your free, no-obligation consultation, using similar cases as the basis to estimate your SR&ED tax credits.


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