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Our Company

Our Company

Christian Lemoyne, Bachelor of Commerce, is Founder and Chairman of Provestech Experts-Conseils

PROVESTECH EXPERTS-CONSEILS INC. is a firm of consultants in financing technological and industrial development projects. Our firm is made up of engineers with a mission to provide pragmatic assistance in preparing your files. Through our approach to the governance of innovation, we set up a financing strategy adapted to every company and each project.

PROVESTECH EXPERTS-CONSEILS INC. has a mission to accompany managers and support them in their efforts to find financing, R&D grants and incentive tax measures. Through our interventions, your industrial and technological projects are brought to a feasible financial solution.

As a partner PROVESTECH EXPERTS-CONSEILS INC. offers customized supervision to entrepreneurs since 1993. Our interventions always respect the global approach of projects entrusted to us, mainly in high technology fields and traditional industrial sectors.

PROVESTECH EXPERTS-CONSEILS INC. was established by Christian Lemoyne. He developed his expertise by working at the provincial government agency Centre de Recherche Industrielle du Québec (CRIQ) for many years. He was in charge of orientations for R&D grants for every technological file in the greater Montreal area. He has collaborated closely with Québec’s industry and commerce department and the state-owned corporation Investissement Québec to set up programs for assistance to technological innovation and various other SME R&D grants programs.

Christian Lemoyne, President

For more than ten years he was part of the selection committee for Inno-Centre, an organization set up to support innovative projects submitted by start-up companies.

Fannie Schirmer, General Manager

Mrs. Schirmer has worked in the tax department of a major corporation, setting up technical and financial data collection systems and training campaigns with engineers for SR&ED programs and other R&D grants programs.

She sat on the aerospace committee set up to help the audit process of the Canada Revenue Agency.   She participated in writing information bulletins regarding SR&ED for the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance.


  • Our efforts to serve our clients well have earned a high degree of customer loyalty.
  • A large majority of our clients have stayed with us for many years. WE HAVE A 95% SUCCESS RATE.
  • Our team of experts by industry is composed of engineers with PhD, MSc. and MBA degrees and many years of experience in the field.